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  • OPC
    Article: Apr 18, 2015

    The Yorkshire town of Otley has made history by becoming the first UK town to get a successful mass listing of its pubs as Assets of Community Values (ACVs). This means 19 pubs in Otley now get increased protection and the community must be consulted before any of the pubs can be converted into a supermarket or office.

    This follows Greg Mulholland, as Chair of the parliamentary Save the Pub group, seeking to amend the government's Infrastructure Bill on 26th January. Under the planning system, pubs have what are known as permitted development rights, meaning they can be converted into supermarkets or office space without needing planning permission from the local authority, ie. Without consulting the community.

    Mulholland's amendment quickly gathered cross-party support from 38 MPs and hence forced a concession from government ministers, who agreed that if a pub got successfully listed as an ACV, permitted development rights would then be removed from it.

    Otley Pub Club comprises the town's 19 pubs and with Mr Mulholland as President, formally submitted an application end of January to Leeds City Council in an attempt to get blanket protection of all of the town's pubs. The successful outcome of the application was confirmed on Thursday.

    Andy Fitzgerald said:

    "This is great news for the pubs and the town and I am delighted that Otley has become the first place in the country to have all its pubs listed as Assets of Community Value and very proud that Otley Pub Club has archived this.

    "Otley is well known as a famous pub town and this will boost that reputation further still and I hope will lead to even more people coming into Otley to enjoy the town's pubs and history."

    Greg Mulholland, President of Otley Pub Club, also said:

    "Now that all Otley's pubs are officially listed as Assets of Community Value, it is clear to everyone that all of them are valued and now have some protection against change of use of deliberate sale for alternative use. This is good news for Otley and a real boost for the ACV initiative and I hope we will see many more whole town listings in the next few months. While the concession from ministers was a welcome step, I will continue to campaign for permitted development rights to be removed from pubs entirely, whether or not they are listed as ACVs".

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Apr 18, 2015
    Greg Mulholland has today said Yorkshire's economy is "back on track" as figures published yesterday show more people in Yorkshire are in jobs and fewer are applying for benefits.

    Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show 2.52mn people across Yorkshire and Humber are in employment, up from 2.469mn a year ago- a rise of 51,000.

    Fewer people are therefore needing to apply for state benefits- 90,928 across Yorkshire and Humber, this figure is down from 150,531 in May 2010 when Labour left government. In Leeds North West, the constituency Mr Mulholland represented for ten years, 1777 people were claiming Jobseekers Allowance in May 2010- latest figures show this is down to just 913.

    Commenting, Mr Mulholland said:

    "People across Yorkshire will look at these figures and see Liberal Democrats have helped create jobs and given families the security they want. These figures show the region's economy is back on track after the mess Labour left behind."
  • Document: Apr 17, 2015
  • Article: Apr 17, 2015
    Otley Liberal Democrats have today set out their vision to turn Otley into a 'Can do' town.

    The document sets out what the town's Liberal Democrat team should do in four key areas: local trade and tourism, local environment, leading health lives, and council governance.

    Otley Liberal Democrats will demand a traffic study of the town by Leeds City Council, who they will also work with to complete the by-pass. They will also tackle dog fouling and promote safe cycling.

    They will campaign to re-open "older people's wards" at the local hospital, ensure every child is within a five-minute walk of a play park and organise a "Building Otley's Business" conference. They would also push for an all-town survey on the future of Otley's crumbling Civic Centre.

    Otley Liberal Democrats will also cut Labour's waste and improve the way the council is run- by reducing the number of councillors from 20 to 15. They will reduce the two thirds of the Council budget spent on salaries and administration and instead spend the money on grants, loans and bursaries for community organisations.

    Local residents have strongly backed the Liberal Democrats in recent times- having elected Liberal Democrats for all three of the town's City Councillor roles and the local MP and Otley resident Greg Mulholland.

    All 20 councillor positions across the five wards are up for election on May 7th.

    Commenting, Colin Campbell, Otley Town Councillor for Prince Henry's ward said:

    "Our vision will mean the Town Council works with all the community to make Otley a great place to live."

    Ray Georgeson, candidate for Danefield ward, added:

    "I'm proud to be raising my family in our welcoming, generous and vibrant town. I know Otley can be an even better place to live and the Liberal Democrats continue to have the vision and policies to deliver."

    Peter Jackson, candidate for Ashfield ward, said:

    "John Eveleigh and the Labour Party told Otley residents that they would save the Civic Centre, get a lorry ban and build on the success of the Tour de France. Instead they are giving a quarter of a million pounds of taxpayers' money to a private landlord whilst the civic centre crumbles - and they have no plan at all for it. It is time for a town council that works for local residents, not itself, and the Liberal Democrat team will do that."

    Local MP and Otley resident Greg Mulholland also added:

    "At the heart of our manifesto are the very issues people across the town raise with me time and again, saying that they are being let down by Labour. Local residents have strongly backed Liberal Democrats over the years and based on this manifesto and also our track record of delivering for Otley, I hope they will back us again."

    [The 'Vision for Otley' document can be viewed HERE.]
  • Mone Bros senior team
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    Greg Mulholland visited Bramhope-based construction firm Mone Bros on Tuesday to learn more about their work supplying construction equipment and landscaping materials across the UK.

    Mone Bros are a local family-run business which has been providing a range of professional services to the construction and utility sectors for over 45 years. The business was founded in 1965 by brothers Phil, James and John Mone.

    The business now employs over 70 staff, supplying a diverse range of equipment and services to the whole of the UK, including: Plant Hire, Stone Products, Excavations, Quarries, Site Clearance, Waste Disposal & Civil Engineering. The company also does a significant amount of recycling. It has served a range of major clients including Yorkshire Water, Balfour Beatty, Barratt Homes and Leeds City Council.

    Stone from the quarry is used in local buildings and has also been used in building Blackfriars Bridge in central London.

    Mulholland visited the Blackhill Quarry on King's Road, from where Mone Bros have quarried and produced natural stone products since 1979. He saw first-hand how the company produces its range of stones and sands and the technical challenges in doing so.

    Mulholland served as the local MP for ten years and has raised a number of issues in Parliament affecting small businesses, from what ministers are doing to help firms being asked to pay a fee in order for a larger firm to do business with them, to what government is doing to support small businesses through public procurement, amongst other matters.

    Commenting, Mulholland said:

    "Mone Bros is a fantastic example of a local business that has built a reputation for being reliable and professional. The construction industry also knows the quality of product it can expect from Mone Bros.

    "Employing 70 people, it also does a vital job supporting the local economy in Leeds. I was delighted to be able to visit the firm's Blackhill Quarry site, meet the staff and learn about the work they do."

    Site manager Kevin Mone added:

    "We were delighted to welcome Greg to the site and wish him all the best in his bid for re-election in the Leeds North West constituency."
  • Greg headshot
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    New figures reveal that taxpayers are paying an extraordinary £64 million over the odds for Wharfedale Hospital, which opened in Otley in 2004. This is money that is being handed to a private company that could and should be spent on the NHS.
    This is the disgraceful reality of Labour's Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Initially valued at £17 million, repayments for the hospital under the PFI deal are projected to be nearly five times more- at £81 million.
  • IkramAdilGreg
    Article: Apr 15, 2015
    Greg Mulholland paid a visit to the Makkah Masjid on Friday to meet with the imam and regular worshippers.
    The mosque on Brudenell Road in Headingley is a focal point for Leeds's Muslim community and Mulholland served as the local MP for ten years.
    In Parliament, Mulholland has regularly raised issues of concern to the local Muslim community and the aim of Friday's meeting with Imam Qari Asim was to stay up to date with any issues of concern and learn about the latest activity at the mosque.
  • Greg headshot
    Article: Apr 15, 2015
    The Liberal Democrats have today released their 2015 General Election manifesto, with Greg Mulholland, the party's parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, describing it as a 'manifesto with opportunity at its heart'.
    The 33,000 word document is a detailed and credible plan to build both a stronger economy and a fairer society. The manifesto includes:
  • Greg headshot
    Article: Apr 14, 2015
    Greg Mulholland and the Liberal Democrats have launched a package of measures to shift the balance of power back in favour of consumers and commuters to ease the cost of living and save families hundreds of pounds a year.
    The plan works by helping consumers switch suppliers or getting group discounts. After five years in government radically overhauling consumer rights law and driving competition in the energy sector, the Liberal Democrats want to go even further to save people money.
    The Five Points are:
    · Saving people on average £200 a year by forcing energy companies to allow customers to change supplier within just 24 hours
    · Saving consumers on average £200 a year by extending 'collective switching' across the UK, helping people benefit from group discounts on bills
    · Saving money for customers on prepayment utility meters by 2017 by guaranteeing them the ability to install a smart meter
    · Saving consumers time and effort by making the company people switch to handle their move over, and extending the measure to other consumer services like telecoms, TV and broadband services
    · Saving rail users money by ending the era of above-inflation rail fare increases
    Commenting, Greg Mulholland said:
    "A fair deal for consumers is something I have fought for over the last few years, we have achieved a lot, but can and must do more. This plan will make a big difference.
    "We want to give power back to consumers and commuters, making sure people are not ripped off by sky high energy bills and excessively high rail fares."
  • Launch Attendees
    Article: Apr 9, 2015
    Secretary of State for Justice, Chris Grayling, has written to Greg Mulholland confirming that Mr Mulholland's criminal driving manifesto is being considered by the Ministry of Justice's review of driving offences.

    [Pictured left: Greg Mulholland launching the manifesto in Parliament with families and campaigners. 18th March 2014]

    Grayling becomes the second minister to welcome the manifesto, after Leader of the House and former Foreign Secretary William Hague called it "a welcome campaign and manifesto".

    The manifesto was launched on Wednesday, 18th March in Parliament with families, campaigners and parliamentarians. It comes after Mulholland organised and chaired a roundtable event in the House of Commons on the subject back in December.

    Mulholland has been a long time campaigner for better justice for victims of criminal driving. In 2012, he was named Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Year by the charity Brake, who are also supporting the manifesto. Mulholland also tabled a parliamentary motion, signed by 23 MPs in total from all parties, to mark National Road Victim Month which occurred last August. After publishing the manifesto, he was also named Brake's Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Month.

    The manifesto was written by MP Mulholland and his office, based on evidence from the families, working closely with Brake. It sets out a number of changes being called for, from tougher punishments for dangerous drivers, better support for victims, improved investigations of collisions, and many other measures.

    It was sent to Home Secretary Theresa May, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. In his letter, Mr Grayling says the Ministry of Justice announced a wider review of driving offences and penalties. It goes on to say:

    "I would also like to say that I appreciate the time that you took to arrange the parliamentary round table in December. The views gathered by your roundtable… are being considered as part of the review."

    Commenting, Mulholland said:

    "I welcome the justice secretary's confirmation that he is reviewing the criminal driving manifesto. Many victims and their families, who were central to the drawing up of the manifesto, will be keeping an eye on the Ministry's review to ensure that changes are made that will deliver proper justice. Far too many reckless drivers are let off lightly given the seriousness of their offences, leaving victims and families feeling let down by the judicial system. We will now be looking to Chris Grayling to take forward some of the changes we have suggested."

    The manifesto can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/1F8omhG