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  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 30, 2014

    NHS England today approved a local plan to use part of the Government's national £5.3 billion Better Care Fund to improve care for the elderly and those with complex health needs in Leeds and reduce hospital admissions

    In Leeds, health and care organisations are investing almost £55 million in delivering better care. They aim to reduce hospital admission in the area by 3.5% saving over £5 million to be re-invested in local health and care services.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 28, 2014

    Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, has said Leeds children's heart surgery unit can now move on following the publication of the third stage of the review into the unit and the decision to suspend children's heart surgery taken by NHS England Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh in March 2013.

    This decision caused uproar at the time, as it came just a day after a High Court decision to quash the decision to close Leeds in favour of the Newcastle unit and because it was reported at the time that it was based on incomplete and flawed data and on complaints from rival units, notably Newcastle who had contested the judicial review by saying Leeds staying open meant that Newcastle would close, under the terms for of the now discredited Safe and Sustainable review. Surgery resumed the following month after the first of three reports commissioned by NHS England said it was safe to do so and this was followed by a second report in March 2014 which made clear that the unit had been safe all along and that the data did not give cause for concern. The latest reports deal with the complaints forwarded by Newcastle and an overarching review into the whole saga.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 27, 2014

    Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, has welcomed todays calls for more investment in northern railways and getting better rail links for key cities such as Leeds, but called for properly consideration of cheaper and faster options such as High Speed UK.

    Sir David Higgins, Chair of HS2 Ltd and overseeing the nearly £50 billion project, today said improved northern rail links were "desirable" and "possible".

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 27, 2014

    Transport minister Baroness Susan Kramer has backed Greg Mulholland MP's calls to improve connectivity to Leeds-Bradford airport.

    As MP for the airport, Mulholland has long called for a rail link that will enable easier access to and from the airport- at the moment 93.2% of passengers arriving at the airport do so by private vehicle.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 24, 2014

    Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, has called on ministers to clearly state that the NHS England consultation on congenital heart disease standards is an open and fair process that will allow all units to have the chance to reach the required standards

    The draft standards set out in the consultation would require each surgeon at children's heart surgery units to undertake 125 operations a year at minimum, in order to maintain their skills and expertise. Leeds' unit already meets this requirement and a further requirement would be to have four surgeons- Leeds currently has three with funding in place to recruit a fourth.

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    Article: Oct 22, 2014

    Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland welcomed government's additional support to help small businesses employ reservists.

    Defence minister Julian Brazier MP had raised government's new measure to give small businesses up to £500 per month if an employee who was a reservist was mobilised. This followed concerns that larger companies employing reservists were more able to bear the financial impact when the employees were mobilised.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 17, 2014

    MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, has been nominated for MP of the Year by the Patchwork Foundation, an organisation working to open up politics to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Mulholland was nominated after taking on a Parliamentary Apprentice in his Westminster office earlier this year. Following a scheme launched in National Apprenticeship Week in April this year, 18 year old Corrina Bright joined Mulholland's Westminster office for six weeks during April-May while pursuing academic qualifications at a college in Westminster.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Oct 15, 2014

    In the House of Commons today, MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, called for a decision on a rail link to Leeds-Bradford Airport to be made locally and soon.

    Speaking in a debate about connectivity to Leeds-Bradford Airport, Mulholland said it was important the airport got a rail link in addition to the Leeds-Harrogate-York line being electrified. With the Leeds city region economy worth £55 billion in 2013- the biggest in the UK outside of London- Mulholland also said a decision on the most effective transport system for the city had to be made locally rather than by civil servants 200 miles away in Whitehall.

  • Article: Oct 15, 2014

    The number of people out of work in our region of Yorkshire and the Humber fell by 20,000 showing the economic recovery is taking hold, new figures reveal.

    Across Britain unemployment dropped 538,000 in the past year - the largest annual fall on record.

    After London, Yorkshire and the Humber has seen the biggest fall in unemployment in the country.

  • Rosemonts
    Article: Oct 15, 2014

    Residents of Rosemont Sheltered Housing in Bramhope have launched a campaign to save their home after Leeds City Council announced Rosemont will be closing.

    After being told last week their home would be closing, the Rosement residents are refusing to accept the Council decision and the Councils timetable and are now seeking to challenge it.