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  • Article: Apr 25, 2015

    Greg Mulholland, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, has today said the party will give a £10mn boost for servicemen and women suffering from mental health problems.

    This would more than double the money currently available to help veterans overcome problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The investment would also help provide a series of measures including assistance to get people back into work.

  • Article: Apr 23, 2015

    "The Liberal Democrats get a small tick for being more transparent than the other parties about their financial plans", the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has said in a report published today about the spending plans of Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

    The report by the think tank backs the Liberal Democrats' economic credentials, with the party having gotten the economy back on track after five years in government.

  • Article: Apr 23, 2015

    Liberal Democrats and the party's parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, have today announced a £150mn package for Britain's 6.5mn carers.

    Announced today as part of their Disability Manifesto, the package will help carers across Britain who support their loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill.

  • Article: Apr 22, 2015
    Liberal Democrats will give all public sector workers pay rises that at least keep pace with the cost of living every year, Greg Mulholland, the party's candidate for Leeds North West has said.

    Figures from the Office for National Statistics, released March 2015, show there are 4.315 million public sector workers in England, of whom 469,000 are in the Yorkshire and Humber region. 3,600 work in the Leeds North West constituency.

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Apr 21, 2015

    The future of Otley Civic Centre is looking bleak as Leeds City Council confirm that the Venue 21 plans are not happening as Futurist pull out - and that the listed building, Otley's civic building and town hall for many years, is being put up for offers.

    The Head of Asset Management at Leeds City Council confirmed the news in an email on 17th April. He said:

  • Article: Apr 20, 2015

    The Liberal Democrats in government and the party's parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, have today set out their 'Five Point Plan' for education and schools in Yorkshire.

    Highlighting the Liberal Democrats' front page manifesto commitment on education, Mulholland has said the party will guarantee to protect education funding from nursery to 19.

  • Sobel2ndApology
    Article: Apr 20, 2015

    Labour's candidate in Leeds North West, Alex Sobel, has been exposed as having included a FALSE endorsement from the Director of a local charity on a leaflet delivered in Leeds North West, which as well as causing uproar amongst local residents and volunteers and supporters of the charity, also breaches charity rules and could be a breach of electoral law.

    This is the SECOND false statement that has been on a Leeds North West Labour leaflet - and the second time that Mr Sobel has been forced to make a humiliating public apology, having been threatened with legal action, so this latest revelation has left the Labour campaign in Leeds North West in disarray and has local people asking if Mr Sobel is fit to be a candidate, never mind an MP.

    The Labour candidate has also been reported to the Charity Commission, due to the breach of charity rules and may also face criminal proceedings for breach of electoral law. To make the matter even more serious, the false endorsement was on a freepost election address - one of the leaflets that candidates are permitted to send to households at the taxpayers expense, so a complaint has also been made to the Director of the Royal Mail, Rachel Winham, asking her to investigate if freepost rules have been breached.

    Charity Commission rules do not allow registered charities to endorse political parties or specific candidates, but in their election address the Leeds NW Labour Party claimed that the Charity Director of Kidz in Kampz is supporting Mr Sobel and backing him to be elected as MP for Leeds North West, in place of Greg Mulholland - who has been the charity's patron for 10 years. The charity's director has written to the Leeds North West Labour Party clearly stating that she did not at any time say she supported Mr Sobel or the Labour Party and does not support or endorse him - and that he and they must issue a full retraction and apology.

    The Labour retraction and apology in Leeds North West, now published, is as follows:

    In a recent Labour Party election communication, under the heading "Why we are backing Alex Sobel," we included a statement purporting to come from Madge Davey of Kidz in Kampz. Madge did not say this. We wish to make clear that the statement was in error and that Madge Davey had nothing to do with either the wording or the inclusion of the paragraph. Kidz in Kampz is a charity and does not support any political party. We apologise for the confusion caused, which is entirely our fault.

    The printed apology by Leeds North West Labour is attached and is online on Alex Sobel's websitehttp://www.alexsobel.org/leeds_north_west_constituency_labour_party_correction.

    The false endorsement follows an attempt by Alex Sobel and the Labour Party to claim that he had "got the peppercorn rent" for Kidz in Kampz - when Leeds City Council documents approving and granting the low rent make no reference to him making any intervention at all whereas they do list letters of support from Greg Mulholland as the local MP and Cllr Sue Bentley (Weetwood Ward). So this was already the subject of a complaint to Leeds City Council before the false endorsement was published.

    In his ten years as Patron of the charity, Greg has done two big charity challenges for the charity raising over £3,800 for Kidz in Kampz and has raised the work of Kidz in Kampz in Parliament, done a shift in the Holt Park shop and has assisted the charity with issues relating to the provision of aid to the camps on the Burma/Thailand border.

    Local residents are saying that they suspect that Alex Sobel has deliberately sought to use Kidz in Kampz and to try to show them endorsing him, due to Greg being a patron, which would make this even more cynical.

    Alex Sobel has also been criticised for misleading residents in Holt Park over the reasons local doctors initially proposed to close the Holt Park GPs surgery and for claiming Greg Mulholland voted for the bedroom tax, when Greg very clearly voted for it not being included in the Welfare Reform Bill and has expressed opposition to it all along. Local residents are saying that the election in Leeds North West is coming down to a question of trust - and many are increasingly saying they don't trust Alex Sobel.

    Greg Mulholland, the Liberal Democrat candidate in Leeds North West said:

    "The inclusion of a false charity endorsement on a leaflet by Alex Sobel and the Leeds North West Labour Party is shameful. This disgraceful behaviour could have put fantastic local charity Kidz in Kampz at risk due to the breach of charity rules, which is just appalling.

    "You would have thought that, having already been forced once to apologise and pay £2000 costs for putting out a false statement about me, Alex Sobel would then be careful about what he puts on election leaflets. Yet he stoops even lower and publishes a false endorsement from the charity Director of the charity I am Patron of.

    "I am deeply proud to have been Patron of this wonderful local charity, that changes lives both on the Burma/Thailand border and here in Holt Park in Leeds. I would never dream of abusing them or any other charity by claiming an endorsement when charities are not allowed to do this, let along publish a false one.

    "I have spoken at length to Madge Davey who is deeply upset by this and livid that Alex Sobel has done this. She is clear that she and the charity have been manipulated for party political reasons which is upsetting for them and all who support the charity.

    "How can anyone trust a candidate who has now had to apologise twice for making false statements in two separate leaflets? Mr Sobel is not fit to be a candidate, never mind to be an MP and I suspect the Labour Party will think twice about selecting him as a candidate in the future".

  • OTC 2015
    Article: Apr 19, 2015

    Otley Liberal Democrats want to build a stronger local economy and a people-led fairer society in our community.

    We are all proud to live and work here in Otley and we have a vision for how our town can be even better.

    We believe this means concentrating on local trade and tourism, the environment, leading healthy lives and promoting well-being, and council governance.

  • Greg with Vic
    Article: Apr 19, 2015
    Bramhope resident Vic Ware OBE is flying the flag for Greg Mulholland in Bramhope. The retired businessman has raised two specially designed flags to show his support for Greg in the election on 7 May. Greg joined Vic to raise the flag at this home.

    The flags both have Greg's campaign slogan, I'm Backing Greg to show Mr Ware's support for Greg is his campaign to get re-elected in Leeds North West. Greg has represented the area, including Bramhope, for the last ten years. Mr Ware has a flag pole and flies a variety of flags during the year. Including the Yorkshire Flag and the Cross of St George, but during the whole election campaign is flying the 'I'm Backing Greg' flag.

    Greg has worked with Mr Ware on a number of issues and supported causes including Epilepsy and Greg recently mentioned Vic and family in the House of Commons.

    More and more residents are putting up 'I'm Backing Greg' posters across Leeds North West showing their support for Greg in his campaign to carry on fighting for Leeds North West. Posters are available by emailing greg@gregmulholland.org or calling 0113 226 6519.

    Commenting, Mr Ware said:

    "I wanted to let everyone know that I'm backing Greg because he has been an outstanding constituency MP for Leeds North West. He works really hard to support his constituents - I have personal experience of his going the extra mile to help me and I know there are many others who share my view.
  • OPC
    Article: Apr 18, 2015

    The Yorkshire town of Otley has made history by becoming the first UK town to get a successful mass listing of its pubs as Assets of Community Values (ACVs). This means 19 pubs in Otley now get increased protection and the community must be consulted before any of the pubs can be converted into a supermarket or office.

    This follows Greg Mulholland, as Chair of the parliamentary Save the Pub group, seeking to amend the government's Infrastructure Bill on 26th January. Under the planning system, pubs have what are known as permitted development rights, meaning they can be converted into supermarkets or office space without needing planning permission from the local authority, ie. Without consulting the community.

    Mulholland's amendment quickly gathered cross-party support from 38 MPs and hence forced a concession from government ministers, who agreed that if a pub got successfully listed as an ACV, permitted development rights would then be removed from it.

    Otley Pub Club comprises the town's 19 pubs and with Mr Mulholland as President, formally submitted an application end of January to Leeds City Council in an attempt to get blanket protection of all of the town's pubs. The successful outcome of the application was confirmed on Thursday.

    Andy Fitzgerald said:

    "This is great news for the pubs and the town and I am delighted that Otley has become the first place in the country to have all its pubs listed as Assets of Community Value and very proud that Otley Pub Club has archived this.

    "Otley is well known as a famous pub town and this will boost that reputation further still and I hope will lead to even more people coming into Otley to enjoy the town's pubs and history."

    Greg Mulholland, President of Otley Pub Club, also said:

    "Now that all Otley's pubs are officially listed as Assets of Community Value, it is clear to everyone that all of them are valued and now have some protection against change of use of deliberate sale for alternative use. This is good news for Otley and a real boost for the ACV initiative and I hope we will see many more whole town listings in the next few months. While the concession from ministers was a welcome step, I will continue to campaign for permitted development rights to be removed from pubs entirely, whether or not they are listed as ACVs".